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Pressurised Filters.

A quick note on these filters. Please do not buy them unless you are absolutely sure you want one, and you have sized it correctly ( Read the instructions thats what they are for. ).
Let me explain :
They treat nothing like the volume the packing would have you believe.

An example : Oase 6000 treats 4000 litres if there is no fish and only 1000 litres (220 gallons ) if you have fish.

Their Down fall.
As they clog the water flow slows down and therefore the pump rate slows and then this causes the oxygen levels to fall as the pump is not pumping sufficient water to oxygenate the pond, next the fish die simple. ( a normal filter let water down the over flow back to the pond and would still oxygenating the water = no dead fish .)

As the pumps used to run these are generally high volume low head pumps ( Aquamax, Titan). As back pressure = head, this means you need a large pump to run a small pressure filter .

For Example Oase recommend a Aquamax 16000 and a Filtoclear 11000 to run a 2500 litre (550 gallons) pond with fish. If you used a normal gravity exit filter (i.e. Above the water level) You could use an Aquamax 4000 and a Biotech 5, not only would the Biotech do a better job but it would save over £130 per year in running costs, a good saving in the long run, and the set up cost would be about £200 cheaper as well .

Please Note: this is not a dig at Oase, they make good products and it is the people who miss sell the equipment as they don't read the instructions. Check before you install the product as the manufactures do not have to refund if it is installed outside of their guide lines.

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