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relining pond relining

pond relining
Filters disconnected and run on by pass

pond reliningMy landscaper making a record
pond relining pond relining
Fish in 1000gal storage pond with filters

Fish in 1000gal storage pond with filters
pond relining
liner out
base protected from weather with old liner

pond relining
new liner going in
new liner going in with underlay
New wall sealing liner in place will be two courses high and the liner trapped in-between so the water level is over the first course. This looks better and an overflow can be fitted and all pipe work - inlet and outlet - is below the copings and above water level

This small filter was fitted to the pond several weeks before work commenced and nitrified (with fish-helpline product) so when installed on support pond will hold water quality.

Fish should NEVER be fed when in a support pond when their stay is short term, as filters cannot maintained water quality over a short period if food waste from fish is in the equation.

I am aware nitrification takes 8 weeks above 200C and over a year to mature, but doing the latter allows you to maintain a reasonable water condision over a short period average 2-6 weeks.