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Outdoor Design Considerations

If you are considering building a large outdoor pond, don't attempt it unless you have room for the landscaping, or it will just look out of place.

For the pond picture below, I had quarter of a acre to play with.

The pond is 25,000 gallons, and has biotec 30 and biotec 10 filters, plus 110uv and 16000 and 12000 aquamax pumps.

The build sequence was large pondlarge pond

The pond pictured below is 38,000 gallons. It has 2 biotec 30 filters, 2 aquamax 30000 pumps, 2 110uvs and an airblow 80 driving a large air block in the pond.

The pond is semi natural which, as you can see with its position, any other would have looked out of place.

The large gallonage enables the pond to support koi.

There's an anti heron electric fence around pond and decking well away from waters edge. I had one acre to play with, and built it using the same routine as the first pond on this page.

large pond 2 large pond 2

Photos of a well lit wildlife pond and our largest pond to date - some 250,000 gallons. The wooden pontoon is made of solid timber coated with plastic - it is not made of decking.
Well lit wildlife pond Large pond

Large pondLarge pond

A formal garden pond
Formal garden pondFormal garden pond

A formal garden pond - 1000 gallons. Contains goldfish, orfe, tench and rudd. It's in keeping with a low maintance garden and lit up by surrounding lights in the summer evenings.
Formal garden pondFormal garden pond

A small 600gal goldfish pond with roll over net.
small 600gal goldfish pondsmall 600gal goldfish pond
The net is put over the pond at night as most heron attacks are in the early morning. Also the net can be over pond when you are out or on holidays.

Stream Pond


stream pond

Stream pond waterfall
This took some doing - my landscapers had many sleepless nights trying to follow my designs. They had to put me right on a few ideas I had!

The stream is 75 meters in 4 slight tiers, and the pond 9000 gals total, with awood behind. The stream is cobbled to prevent birds bathing (bringing in infections) but they can drink.

Filters 1 x Easy Pod and a Biotec30 on the pond. A Biotec10 at the stream head. 1 x 55watt uv. pump, 1 x Oase Profimax 20000 (1/3 to the stream, 2/3 to filters) and uv, and an Oase12000 for Easy Pod with an Air Blow 40 for cleaning.

All the waste goes to a wildlife garden, which the client built themselfs - some distance from pond on my recommendation to keep frogs out of the main unit. I have designed the stream with a good water flow but not enough to wash leaves into the pond. There are leaf catchment baskets in the stream at intervals, which can be easily cleaned. Plants are in a dyke area on the far side of pond so as to give the impression they are growing in the pond. This was done so the system could not accumulate silt.

When you are seated in the summer house, plants do not obscure you view of the fish. A lily was placed in a hanging basket and supported at ground level and a rubber covered steel pole which is 15", extends over and into pond and the basket is supported on plastic covered chains. This gives the impression it's growing from the bottom of the pond -in fact its only 12" down under water.

The system houses 25 koi. The whole system was built in the winter so there was no leaf fall whilst it was being installed. Last year it had it's first autumn and the baskets worked a treat. These were an idea from a client who had built a smaller version himself - he also built me the summer house (cottage gardens) The client wanted to plant up the surrounds themselves, which I always agree with, as they then have some input.

Double Pond

A 10,000 gallon koi pond under construction alongside a 4,000 gallon wildlife pond under construction.
pond designpond design

The old liner is still in place. The new wildlife pond will be half as big again which will take the rain overflow from the koi pond and water changes outflow from the koi pond as the wildlife pond can drain down to a dyke. The support pond is 1,000gals with goldfish from old wildlife pond.
pond designpond design

double pond - linerdouble pond - liner
New wild life liner going inMyself explaining a flange coupling

double pond - linerdouble pond - liner
Thors Koi my pond designers. Where the flange will fit for the overflow

double pond linerdouble pond - filled
Filling slowly allowing the liner to pull itself in.

double pond with fish indouble pond - liner
Wild pond now enlarged and fish back Ponds ready for flange coupling

Shallow Gravel Pond

shallow gravel pond
These ponds are very ideal for a small garden but need to be cleaned out every spring or they soon look a mess. They light up very well and add the sound of running water to the small well planted garden.