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Decking of the wrong sort will kill your fish.

decking over pond

decking around pond

koi injury
This is a classic decking wound. At the moment it looks just a scratch and a lifted scale and in the usual place around the head or on the dorsal area. If not dealt with quickly, it will shortly turn into a ulcer and will be ideal site for fluke or parasite attack, and then aeromonas bacteria will enter the wound, followed by fungus then a dead fish.

Many of the wood stains on the market are fine until they get wet. Some are lethal and some of the so-called "fish friendly" are the worst.

Use cheap decking - then buy cheap fish. Neither will last long. I am afraid this is one product where you only get what you pay for, does not always apply. The new tantalizing methods considered safe by the EU are very speculative.

As you will gather I am not a decking fan. In its place fine, over ponds never!

If the chemicals don't get your fish, then the mechanical injuries from fish coming into contact with decking, and the following secondary infections, make fish keeping hard work.

Just a thought - have you fish with ulcers and no matter what you use including injections the infection just get worse? I surmise 99% it's the decking that's poisoned your fish. It works like the Victorians poisoning their wifes with arsenic - just a little now and then till the build up in the tissues becomes lethal. That's just how decking poisoning works, and with the same product - arsenic which is used in tantalization, and I am not convinced the new method is any better.

Some of these waxes are OK untill they get wet.

One note - put decking over your pond and there's a chance your fish will spend more time under it than in view. Koi should be where you can see and admire them.