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The Hydrotec Drum filter system,

The Hydrotec Drum filter systemFor ponds/lakes over 100,000 gallons. The Ultimate in pre-filtering for all ponds. It replaces all of the following items that would normally be used : drum diagram

How do they work?

The water enters the filter by gravity from the pond. Assisted by the filter elements special cell structure, the particles are separated from the water.

When the water reaches a predetermined level inside the drum the wash pumps are activated . As the drum begins to rotate the pressure jets wash the screen.

The waste washed into the collecting tray is then run to a drain.

jet close up photowash collecter

Sizes and Flow rates

If you have a specific requirement please contact me for more advice and help. We can also supply systems for salt water applications.

While the price may be an issue, the amount of time and effort taken to install a drum filter is often considerably less than a 'normal' prefilter and with out doubt there is no equal in the pond or in the commercial microscreen market.

We can supply a range of models - please contact us for details.

We are able to offer a number of options for the drumfilters: