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Fish Helpline Sales

I am semi-retiring soon, and moving to the country. As part of this I am selling my private stock of fish.

All the fish you see on this sales list are my private stock, and are all for sale at the prices shown.

  1. View the fish we have for sale,
  2. Then email me with the ID(s) of the fish you are interested in
  3. I will send you a photo each fish you have asked about, together with their history and price.

    (Note: holding deposits are 50% of total)
Fish Buying Advice

When buying fish you may start to see health certificate "these fish are K.H.V. free" - it's not worth the paper its written on. There's no such thing, or "these fish have been inspected at export site" - again no such thing, or the latest is "the ministry have inspected them" now that's compete rubbish!

If that was the case, then how come the infected fish got here in the first place! Remember - NOBODY IS INSPECTING IMPORTED PET FISH AT ANY AIRPORT ANYWHERE IN THIS LAND

The only safe way is for you to do the inspecting. Whoever is selling you the fish is selling at a profit for their bank account, not your pond's welfare; and stay well away from this so called AUTUMN HARVEST. Harvesting rubbish selling at half price, so why were they at full price before? - simple: because you would pay it.

If you want to keep what you have and get the pleasure these fish bring, don't buy from these so called sales, they are just reducing their stock, keeping the best to charge you full price next summer, and exporting the cr*p one.

Just a single £100 "special" could cost you everything - the most expensive fish you have ever bought. If you must buy, then keep them well away from your collection for at least 12 MONTHS and beware of all the above when they tell you they're K.H.V. free.

Buyers Guide

When buying koi carp there is no such thing as a bargain, but some people will tell you anything including:- Any fish being bought from any seller needs 8 weeks quarantine at 20c plus to avoid introducing K.H.V into your pond. When buying look first and revisit. If the fish are still available then buy. Always remember any doubts and pay heed to them.

If you want to buy Koi, see our fish for sale.