Dear Fish Keeper

speech bubble - "Call the Fish Helpline on +44 (0) 1332 761673 "
Call the Fish Helpline on +44 (0) 1332 761673
I've made this site as simple as I can by not going over the top with fancy words that you'll see in magazines, books and other web sites. If there is anything you do not understand then please contact me - I don't know it all but I have contacts worldwide who may be able to help. I hope this site is of use to you.

Good fish keeping.

Lawrence Belshaw
The Fish-Helpline's quick response vehicle
The Fish-Helpline's quick response vehicle

Mobile lab
Our Mobile Laboratory
Distance no object!
All fish are inspected with underwater video cameras, not netted out for inspection. With the increase of K.H.V. and S.V.C. microscopes are no longer carried by my mobile lab due to the cost of sterilization. So samples are now taken in my newly developed gel and examined back at my main lab. Our under water video cameras have had a coating developed to render them sterile by spraying after each use.

We strongly believe that you should
Become a water keeper first, and a fish keeper second. .


See our Ponds page for information on ponds, filters etc. .

You MUST carry out water changes.
See our nitrification page


To find out more about fish diseases and health concerns, go to our Health pages.

For important information regarding pH, see our pH Crash page.

Microscopes and video attachments by L.J.Smith and Son.
Photographic and digital video aquatic fish inspection systems, Florida University, USA.
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A very under standing wife.